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Call for Choreographer for Our House

Our House is a physical, fast-paced musical based on the music of Madness. It brings to life a cautionary tale of “good verses bad”; with a punchy script, excellent songs and plenty of dance. It is the intention of the director to bring as much movement and physicality as possible to the production and allow dancers to push themselves, but not to the exclusion of non-dancers - this production must be flexible and adaptable to a variety of abilities. There are moments that will allow for a higher level of technical choreography, and this would be an excellent opportunity to showcase your creative flair. Other moments will call for simpler (though no less exciting) movement that is inclusive of all ages and abilities (think Macarena at a wedding reception). Above all, this musical offers plenty of scope that will allow for different styles and levels, playing to the strengths of both choreographer and company. The committee and director are eager to hear from those who are interested in showcasing their choreographic creativity. This role could be filled by one person who is willing to take on the challenge but, owing to the show’s flexibility, there is the opportunity for more than one person to delve into the choreography and take on specific numbers/routines without the burden of a full show. This will also allow choreographers the chance to stay as a member of the company and perform in the rest of the show.

Please contact us if this sounds like an opportunity for you.


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