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The first informal get-together will take place on Sunday 8th December with further pre-audition sessions taking place on Friday 3rd January and Friday 17th January. Auditions will then take place on the 19th January. The play will be directed by Toby Edwards.

Road is a gritty piece of theatre taking place from sunset to sunrise in 1980’s Lancashire. Written by Jim Cartwright (Two, The Rise And Fall Of Little Voice, Bed), the play tackles subjects including Thatcher’s government, unemployment and the desperation faced by a number of Brits at this time in history. There are plenty of comedic moments as well as dark moments experienced by all thirty-three characters (however, we are looking for a cast of 8-10 performers to multi-role). The play does have an explicit nature with a wide-reaching vocabulary of swearing. With a cracking 80’s soundtrack, this play is a good laugh! See you all at the audition workshops.