Singin’ in the Rain
1st, 7th, 15th May 2019

Cast List

Don Lockwood – Matthew Sudworth
Cosmo Brown – Elliot Kainey
RF Simpson – Neil Waghorn
Rosco Dexter – Toby Edwards

Lina Lamont – Meghan Hill
Kathy Selden – Faith Newrick

Female Dancers
Tabitha Bradley
Lizzie Jones
Kirsty Woolven
Ella Sutton
Kat Dakers

Female Ensemble (from which all other female parts will be cast during rehearsals)
Jennifer Chow
Julia Jones
Jan Farmer
Wendy Holloway
Anne Fradgley

Male Ensemble (from which all other male parts will be cast during rehearsals)
Joe Hadley
Dan Hooper
Ray Harbourne
Malc Williams
John Caldwell
Matthew Heels