Wednesday 9th May 2018
19:30 at St Mary’s Hall

The Committee would like to thank everyone who took part in the auditions.
Please find below the results of the auditions. Should anyone, for whatever reason, feel unable to accept the role that they have been successful in obtaining, can they please notify the Director, Ann Turner, as soon as possible.
Principal Characters
M1 – Arther: Chris Holloway
M2 – Patsy: Chris Hooper
M3 – Gallahad: Keith Snailham
M4 – Lancelot: Andy Gilhooly
M5 – Robin: James Geary
M6 – Herbert: Toby Edwards
M7 – Bedevere: Ed Burton
M8 – Galahad’s Mother + other character roles: Brendon Meaklim
M9 – : To be cast
M3 – M7: Will also take on other character parts
F1 – Lady of the Lake: Sarah Gilhooly

F2 – Emily Capper
F3 – Elli Holden
F4 – Kate Staiger
F5 – Beth Broadway (L)
F6 – Emily Clarke
F7 – Judy Hooper
F8 – Julia Jones (L)
F9 – Joanna Howe
F2 – F9 will also take on other character parts as well as Ensemble
(L) Denotes Laker Girl

Audition files

Audition documentation and audio tracks (when available) will be uploaded to Click here to visit the site where you can view, listen or download the files. No ‘Sign up’ or ‘Log in’ is required to access the site.